Keynote Speakers and Chair


Chris Betcher
Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney
ACCE National ICT Teacher of the Year 2013

Leio Ohshima McLaren
Appappaway Creator

Dr Tim Kitchen
Senior Education Advocate Adobe (APAC)

Dr John Ingram
Director of Higher Studies at the University of                                       Durham

han Jones
Carey Baptist Grammar School - E-Learning Coordinator and Year 6 Classroom Teacher 

Invited Presenters


In Alphabetical Order


Aaron Cox
ICT Coordinator 
Kingswood Primary School

Anna Danson
 ICT Educational Consultant, M.Ed ICT
Teacher at Kingswood PS & Our Lady of the



Stef George
Year 3 and 4 ClassroomTeacher
Kingswood Primary School


Richard Gynes


Jack Lawicki
Year 5 and 6 Classroom Teacher 
Kingswood Primary School



Leigh Murphy
Project Manager

Mark Richardson
Professional Learning & Communications Manager
at Digital Learning & Teaching Victoria
Vincent Trundle

Producer, Digital Education at



Michelle Webster
eSmart Schools' Program Coordinator

Andy Williams 
Grade 3 and 4 Classroom Teacher 
Kingswood Primary School